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 Scales of Justice

J. Wayne Kennon

More Than Just an Attorney

Wayne grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma and graduated from Wentworth Military Academy in 1987.  He then enlisted in the US Navy in 1989 and went to boot camp in Great Lakes, Illinois.  Wayne was stationed at Whidby Island, Oak Harbor, Washington as an Aviation Ordinanceman in a EA-6B aircraft squadron assigned to the USS Independence aircraft carrier at San Diego, California.  In 1991, Operation Desert Shield occurred when Sadam Hussein invaded Kuwait and Wayne was deployed to the Indian Ocean and Persian Gulf.  

After Desert Shield, Wayne changed his rate to a Yeoman.  In 1992, he became a Petty Officer Second Class and enrolled at the Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island graduating as a Legalman Second Class.  In 1995 while stationed in Memphis, Tennessee at the Naval Air Station.  Wayne had a car wreck breaking his neck at the C-4/5 level leaving him paralyzed.  Wayne moved back to his hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma and finished his Bachelor of Political Science from Tulsa University.  Wayne graduated with a Juris Doctor from Tulsa University in 2000 and passed the Oklahoma Bar the same year.

Wayne joined the Law Office of Doug Pewitt in 2002.  In 2004, Wayne opened his own private practice in Miami, Oklahoma focusing on personal injury, family law and criminal law.

Wayne lives on Grand Lake with his wife, Tena, and their dogs, Rocco, Lola and Frito.

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